Hi Readers

I’ve managed to secure interest from a publisher. But that means I’m NOT allowed to post anymore of my stories …..I can understand the logic though……Why pay for something you can get free?

Anyway I am off to lock myself away to furiously write and rewrite. Obviously most of the ‘Blog’ stories will be in my book BUT plenty of NEW material too.

Tales to look forward to include: My war of nerves with the security guard at the C.I.S….. More tales of the never ending babies in our house…… Buying furniture with me Mam……Going bowling with Grandad and how I was the first ‘Coloured’ baby in Moston  (me Mam exaggerates a bit!)

Thank you for your continued support…..Hopefully I can get this out for Christmas. So if you’re looking for a pressie for your Aunty Gladys. Forget Slippers and buy a copy of my book! … All proceeds go to my ‘Get out of the country quick when me Mam see’s all this’  Fund.

I will continue to post (Small!) teasers and updates of where I’m up to. So bear with me…..Hope to see you at the Book Launch…..or if not I’m usually to be found chatting my business at local bus stops throughout the Greater Manchester area. 

Bye……but only for a while





A more up to date story and Testament to Mams consistency.

We’re sat in Ante-natal. Me, my Daughter (the Pregnant one) and Mam!  Because she still gets to have ‘First Go’ in family matters

“Where you going? oooh! I’m coming too’!…….

We are here for the 16 week scan.

My daughter is expressing doubts about being a good parent. A normal worry for any first time Mum.
Before she replies, Mam looks around the waiting room. Not to see if there’s anyone about. It’s packed out!…. Nooooo! She wants to make sure that no-one there knows us. To people who know us. The neighbours, the Clubman, the Lollipop Lady. That sort of thing….To THEM she makes out we are practically perfect in every way……

“My Child would NEVER do something like that Mrs Harris. My kids are RAISED not DRAGGED UP. Now I suggest you P**S OFF”!

But all is well. The waiting room is full of strangers. Just the same as people at bus-stops…….only sitting!

She speaks.

“I wouldn’t worry about it darling grandaughter”

The Woman has a split personality!….My kids don’t believe me when I tell them how strict she was.

“What! Cuddly wuddly Nana who gives us Sweets and Toys. She could never be mean”

She continues…

“Your Mum (ME!)  was a CRAP parent at first. But Slowly, over the years she’s TRIED to improve” 

My Daughters name is called over the Tannoy…..Thank God! She’ll have to shut up now.

My daughter walks across to the Examination room. Just as she’s about to go in. My Mam shouts out to her….. and you just know the whole of the waiting room is listening. She’s been gaily entertaining them for the last 20 minutes, with tales of cheating husbands and ungrateful children.

“Don’t forget to tell them your Mam is Half-Caste”  she shouts, in her dulcet Foghorn. “Cos they have to check the Baby for that funny Blood thing”

(she means Sickle Cell!… I’m sinking lower and lower into my chair)

“But tell them I had your Mam tested and she was fine. Cos at the end of the day. Like I said to her Dad. I let you get away with cheating on me. But give my Child a disease and I’ll KILL YOU”……..

Sometime later, we are allowed in for our first glimpse of the Baby. Mam takes one look at the beautiful 16 week fetus onscreen and exclaims

“Oh My God! It’s got MY Nose” !


Everything about my parents was ‘Opposite’
Class, Colour, Culture…………
Dad was from Barbados. He came from a highly respected Middle Class family. The Eldest of 7 Children. He was well educated. An Urbane, articulate sociable Man.
Mam was born and bred in Moston, Manchester. She came from a highly respectable Working Class family. An only child, she left School at 14 to work in a Factory. She was quiet and very shy.

So when they both got together. It was ‘Moider’…..Sorry… that’s been done, hasn’t it?
But hey! What’s life without a challenge….and them two could be very challenging. They then decided to have Children. Let’s just say there was some pretty unique mixing of genes there, and some time later, out pops me! Followed in quick succession (and I mean quick!) by Five more.

This is the story of our Life.
An Epic Tale of Love across the divides.
It’s got it ALL…….
Nostalgia. But not TOO MUCH nostalgia. It’s set in the past but not like the Victorian times or anything. That way. When they film the T.V. Adaption (always thinking ahead, me) The Black People in the cast won’t look daft. I mean, Come on, Channel 4. NO Black people died with Scott of the Antarctic!

It’s a Sweeping Tale of Love and Romance. OK! it’s not too heavy on the Love and romance. But there is Sweeping.

Step inside this Blog for a while and take a wander back. To a time when Mams and Dads RULED the Word, and Bigotry and Intolerance were Big words I couldn’t spell.