Mystery & Horror

Skolthan by Damaris West – $3.44

SkolthanA truly chilling tale of the paranormal, diabolic witchcraft and malevolence.

From the primitive cottage where she lives a hermit-like existence, Hilda can reach a tidal island which gives her access to a beautiful world, a fragment of the one-time Garden of Eden.

She is almost unique in possessing the sought-after gift of being able to pass through to this other world, but the very same gift puts her in danger from malevolent forces that seek to use the island’s tremendous power to secure their own evil domination.

In a desperate bid to rescue a young mother and her yet unborn child, the intended victims of a horrific ritual with cosmic implications, Hilda and her closest friends must outwit a charismatic warlock (Hilda’s former husband) and the arch-witch Alice, embodiment of evil, who treacherously masquerades as a midwife.

Their mission culminates in an heroic act which threatens to throw them all over the edge and into the same evil world which they are so anxious to destroy. Nonetheless, good prevails, but at a truly terrible price …

Available for your Kindle (mobi) as well as in ePub and PDF formats

Skolthan by Damaris West – $3.44

Full no-quibble guarantee if you’re not happy with the book for any reason.


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