So my book is now in the hands of an editor, thanks to the wonderful Clive at Any Subject Books, and publication is imminent.

Whilst your waiting, could I suggest you have a look at the other books available from my publisher. Just click on the ‘book’ section at the top of the page and you can look through any sections that interest you. I heartily recommend ‘Skeoch’ by Jennie Phillips who writes in a similar vein to myself.

There’s also some ‘erotica’ a la Shades of Gray (oo er missus!) Certainly put a smile on me Aunty Beryl’s face. But there’s lots of other genres too.

If you do decide to purchase a book, please write AMINA in the section where it asks for ‘Discount code’

You will then qualify for a 10% discount on MY Book… and a sample of me Mam’s stew …(that bit is a fib…..luckily for you….The discount is true though)

Am looking forward to getting back to you very soon with news of my own book’s date for release.

Thank you for your support and patience.



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