‘A Northern Life’ will be available for sale on Amazon and at ‘Anysubjectbooks’ from Saturday December 7th.
Am now researching – aka, rooting through stuff, and writing for volume 2: ‘A Northern Life Abroad (and back again!)
In the early 70’s my Dad took me to his homeland Barbados for three months… Or so he led me Mam to believe. There I was living the ‘life of Riley’ and pretending I was an only child (Bliss!) Unbeknownst to me, Dad in an attempt to make amends for his philandering ways (he never did – make amends – or stop philandering) had written to Mam and informed her, he had no desire to return to England and wanted her and the other 5 children to join us in Barbados to start a ‘new’ life.
Her response was, to put it in a nutshell – ‘Sod off’
To which Dad, had replied – ‘Ok then, I will keep Lesley here in Barbados with me. It’s a fair swap, I get to keep 1, you get to keep 5’. If I’d have known this at the time, I would have invented the Moonwalk way before Michael Jackson!
Faced with this ultimatum, Mam could have said “Oh well, she always wanted to be an only child, and seeing as it’s her birthday soon, why don’t I make her dream come true’…But NOOOOOO!…What Mam did was pack up the other 5 and come over…Back to sharing a bloomin bedroom…I was gonna make their life HELL!


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