I’ve forgotten what it’s like to wear shoes and the only contact I’ve had with some of my family is when they came to mind whilst writing a chapter. But my dear friends after what seems like an eternity, the book is finally finished. Time for a cup of Kenco Millicano (I can do Posh, when I want to) and a celebratory Roll up….I’m all out of Cuban cigars.

I’m so tempted to post a bit. i can’t stop laughing meself and I know every soddin punchline. But I don’t want you flipping through the book going “Read it, read it, read it……. I want me money back”

I’m gonna send it off to the publisher now and then get drunk. I’d better make sure I do it in that order too. Can you imagine the look on their faces if they receive a copy of my ‘leccy Bill on Monday. I promised them a Comedy not a Horror story!

Thank you to the many contributors to my Mancunian Dictionary. Look out for your name in the acknowledgements. God willing my next post will contain details of where you can purchase the Book. provisionally titled A Northern Life: Little tales from the life of a Mancunian Kid…………I’m also told I need a more ‘Authory’ name too. So I’m going with A.L. Mottley (My Maiden name) In tribute to my Mam and Dad……and J.B. Fletcher too…..Ooooh and that chap, whatisface Hartley from the Yellow pages ad…..But I digress.

It was your wonderful responses to my little stories that encouraged me to write an actual book about my lovely life and experiences growing up. I wondered if I was being a bit ‘big-headed’ and deluded writing my Childhood ‘Life’ story, after all I’m not famous or owt’ The only time I’ve been on stage is to receive a prize at School for good attendance (I went for the Dinners) But then I thought. My ‘Ordinary’ life means as much to me as any Celebrity’s means to them and even if no one else reads it. I can make me Siblings buy a copy each. There’s a soddin nuff of them to keep me in Fruit Salads and Sherbet dips for the rest of my life.

I’m off now to create mayhem…..Gonna get the Grandkids some suspiciously bright coloured Sweets and crap toy’s from Poundland. Then sit back and watch my daughters deal with the aftermath…..It’ll bring back some wonderful Memories…..Ta-ra for now.


6 thoughts on “IT’S DONE!

  1. Well done hunni can’t wait to buy it, and I’m not even related to you – i don’t think! Always say you never know though xxx

  2. Fantastic Amina you made it!! Good on ya for staying focused. Looking forward to seeing the book in the shops next time I come over to Manchester πŸ™‚

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