Well for the first time ever. I’m close to finishing something I started. NOT that 1000 piece jigsaw of SKY and SEA. What sort of Mother buys an Eight year old a gift like that for Christmas?

28 Chapters done and dusted. But seeing as me Mam always said I was an odd child I’m going to have to be true to myself and write one more Chapter!
Anyway. Just to whet your appetite (and show off) here is the final Chapter list

PROLOGUE: (how posh is that?  Well if it’s good enough for the guy who wrote the Da Vinci Code. It’s good enough for me)

Chapter 1: The early days.
Chapter 2: The grown ups.
Chapter 3: Mayhem in Moston.
Chapter 4: A Sister or two…..or three.
Chapter 5: Are we there yet?
Chapter 6: The chosen one. (and i don’t mean Jesus….or Jose)
Chapter 7: What’s in a name.
Chapter 8: Great escapes.
Chapter 9: Telly.
Chapter 10: Sticky out dresses and other delights.
Chapter 11: Noseyparker.
Chapter 12: We’ve made her mad. Now let’s make her a pressie.
Chapter 13: Murder and the Mancunian Mam.
Chapter 14: Pets to poorliness.
Chapter 15: Why’s your face like that?
Chapter 16: What accent?
Chapter 17: Mancunian Medicine.
Chapter 18: Going back to my roots.
Chapter 19: Love child?
Chapter 20: Race wars.
Chapter 21: There’s loads of Parks near Collyhurst.
Chapter 22: You can’t buy Prem in the Papershop.
Chapter 23: The joys of School.
Chapter 24: Born Blue. (and not from lack of Oxygen…..Man U fans might want to skip this bit)
Chapter 25: We’re not going on a Summer holiday.
Chapter 26: It’s like being an only child (I wish!)
Chapter 27: How did I get here? (Not the chapter. I mean HOW did I get here)
Chapter 28: Roast potato’s and the Nit comb? It must be Sunday.
Chapter 29: Wait and see!

I’ll let you know when I have a definite date for publishing. Thank you for the wonderful encouragement and support.


3 thoughts on “THE END IS NIGH

  1. Along with your many fans, I too can’t wait to read your book. I lived in New Moston , and my grandma lived in Harpurhey. She used to take me with her all round Collyhurst when she was collecting her money in for loans people had taken out. My grandad was an agent for a loan company. He kept the books. We went into many house in the Miles Platting and Collyhurst area. All smashing people! What a lot of memories I have from the war days and the local people You are a really good story teller.
    One of the places she took me to on a Friday night was Queens Park Hippodrome. That’s a story in itself! It’s probably not there any more.Anyhow many congratulations on finishing you book!

  2. hi Amina….enjoy every minute,savour and remember….this is your first book,itll never be this way again… sure you will go on to write more…….but there can only be one first ….and this is it…….you have worked hard for it,now bask in the glory of it………….go girl… jan xx

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