I really hope you are going to enjoy reading this book. As much as I am enjoying putting it together.

I must be weird, because I can’t stop laughing (and I know the ‘endings’!)

Most of the blog stories will be featured. But trust me, you won’t feel cheated when you part with your pennies. There are plenty of additional paragraphs to what you have read before and loads of previously unpublished stuff too.

After re-reading one such story ‘The curious case of Who threw number 3 down a flight of concrete steps?’ I’m actually amazed that I’m alive today to document these tales (such a punishment was totally uncalled for Mam, and it’s WRONG to always blame the Eldest!)

Anyway. Better get back to my Cabin in Vermont and get scribbling again.
When I say ‘Cabin and Vermont’ I actually mean ‘Cubby hole’ and ‘Blackley’ But that’s the Collyhurst girl in me. I can make owt from nowt.
Will keep you updated.Hope to have more info soon



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