Hi Readers

I’ve managed to secure interest from a publisher. But that means I’m NOT allowed to post anymore of my stories …..I can understand the logic though……Why pay for something you can get free?

Anyway I am off to lock myself away to furiously write and rewrite. Obviously most of the ‘Blog’ stories will be in my book BUT plenty of NEW material too.

Tales to look forward to include: My war of nerves with the security guard at the C.I.S….. More tales of the never ending babies in our house…… Buying furniture with me Mam……Going bowling with Grandad and how I was the first ‘Coloured’ baby in Moston  (me Mam exaggerates a bit!)

Thank you for your continued support…..Hopefully I can get this out for Christmas. So if you’re looking for a pressie for your Aunty Gladys. Forget Slippers and buy a copy of my book! … All proceeds go to my ‘Get out of the country quick when me Mam see’s all this’  Fund.

I will continue to post (Small!) teasers and updates of where I’m up to. So bear with me…..Hope to see you at the Book Launch…..or if not I’m usually to be found chatting my business at local bus stops throughout the Greater Manchester area. 

Bye……but only for a while




  1. I read your July blogs to my wife on Saturday night. After recovering from the ensuing bout of uncontrollable laughter she managed to say “that girl should write a book!” We are looking forward to sharing in your further adventures. Well done!

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