Everything about my parents was ‘Opposite’
Class, Colour, Culture…………
Dad was from Barbados. He came from a highly respected Middle Class family. The Eldest of 7 Children. He was well educated. An Urbane, articulate sociable Man.
Mam was born and bred in Moston, Manchester. She came from a highly respectable Working Class family. An only child, she left School at 14 to work in a Factory. She was quiet and very shy.

So when they both got together. It was ‘Moider’…..Sorry… that’s been done, hasn’t it?
But hey! What’s life without a challenge….and them two could be very challenging. They then decided to have Children. Let’s just say there was some pretty unique mixing of genes there, and some time later, out pops me! Followed in quick succession (and I mean quick!) by Five more.

This is the story of our Life.
An Epic Tale of Love across the divides.
It’s got it ALL…….
Nostalgia. But not TOO MUCH nostalgia. It’s set in the past but not like the Victorian times or anything. That way. When they film the T.V. Adaption (always thinking ahead, me) The Black People in the cast won’t look daft. I mean, Come on, Channel 4. NO Black people died with Scott of the Antarctic!

It’s a Sweeping Tale of Love and Romance. OK! it’s not too heavy on the Love and romance. But there is Sweeping.

Step inside this Blog for a while and take a wander back. To a time when Mams and Dads RULED the Word, and Bigotry and Intolerance were Big words I couldn’t spell.